At the end of the installation, you'll also be asked to keep the .pkg file or move it to the trash. In most cases, you can move the installer to the trash.

During installation, if you see the "Installer" prompt, click OK.

4. Open the .pkg file

You'll see a prompt notifying that macOS cannot verify the developer of the package. This is because ScreenConnect is not a Mac application, and the package file is created each time it is built. 

To proceed, click Open.

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Click here to download the MacOS Remote Agent

Please use a Windows or macOS device to install agents.  Agents cannot be installed on tablets or smartphones.

3. Hold the Ctrl key and click the .pkg file

Press the Ctrl key and click on the .pkg file. From the pop-up menu, click Open to run the file.

Important: If you double-click to run the installer, you will not see an option to Open it. You must open it from the context menu.

Note: To complete installation, you'll need to enter administrator credentials.

5. Complete the installation of the ScreenConnect agent

Follow each step of the installation wizard to install the ScreenConnect agent.

Remote MacOS Support

How to install the agent

1. Unfortunately, Apple requires some heavy lifting for a technician to remote control a MacOS device. Download the agent software from the link above. 


2. Locate the downloaded .pkg file

Open Finder and navigate to the location of the package. Double-click on the downloaded file. You will see the ScreenConnect.ClientSetup.pkg.

1. Have a technician connect to your machine

Upon connection, you'll see a large prompt that will guide you through the configuration. 

Allowing screen recording and accessibility access

These final steps happen when a technician first connects to your machine. To control your machine, you'll need to enable a couple of settings in System Preferences. A large prompt will appear and guide you through the configuration.


2. Allow Screen Recording access

In the Screen Recording section of the large prompt, click Request Access.

Note: Earlier versions of macOS require you to click the dialog's padlock icon before editing the Privacy settings.

Next, click the toggle switch for the ScreenConnect client. The client name begins with "connectwisecontrol"

If required, enter a username and password to allow your changes.

Next, a new message appears with the option to Quit & Reopen. Click Quit & Reopen and the client will automatically restart.

Once the client reopens and the large ScreenConnect prompt returns, you should see that Screen Recording access is granted.

3. Allow accessibility access 

Return to the large Review System Access window. In the Accessibility section of the window, click Request Access.

Next, click the "connectwisecontrol" switch.

When you have finished, click the lock again to prevent further changes, and close the window.

Note: Earlier versions of macOS require you to click the dialog's padlock icon before editing the Privacy settings.