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Is your IT a key business driver?

Technology should work for you, not hold you back. Invest in IT that minimizes risk and maximizes value, leading to higher revenue and greater success. 

-Scott Sanford, President 

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DataSolved has been our IT firm for 10 years and assists us with everything from purchasing the right equipment to tech support and security and backup.  We are very pleased with the knowledge and service provided.  Technology is not our expertise, but with DataSolved it's also not our concern.

Data Solved has helped our law firm  for a very long time, and we have had nothing but the best results from Scott and his team. Always available and willing with solutions that work. Very happy to receive this level of service which helps us better serve our clients.

Chad Eaton

Partner - Rolle Eaton Law

Chad Stephens

President - Starmont Wealth Management

Data Solved is AMAZING! They are always available when we need them, and they know exactly what they are doing which is comforting to know as they deal with business and personal information. Scott is top-notch and has been servicing our business for 10 years, I will NEVER go anywhere else!

Lovie Andrade

Area Vice President- RAM Partners

DataSolved has been an integral part of our team since 2005. DataSolved has been a remarkable partner and trusted adviser on technology. We also appreciate their heart for missions and giving back to the community as well.    


I have been with DataSolved for almost 20 years. Every year we have stayed current with technology and my staff is well-trained. Tech support is always quick and efficient and prices are very reasonable. I thank my lucky stars for DataSolved!

Roxane Guerrero

Senior Partner - Guerrero Law Offices

Robert Kembel

President - The Nehemiah Company

DataSolved has worked alongside of us in our IT-related practices for many years.  Their expertise is both comprehensive and diverse, allowing us to feel confident that we can rely on them for all IT-related decisions, maintenance, and support.

Angela Bell

President - FTI Belman

100% honest effort


Everyone says they are honest and work hard, but we take it seriously.  You won't find us resting on our laurels.  We're 100% caffeinated and give 110% to everything we do because we enjoy it!

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Team & atmosphere


Business is hard enough.  We don't need a bad attitude to hold us up.  That's why our team members have a good sense of humor to add to the day and keep the ideas flowing.



Our team members have decades of experience in the IT space.  Some as much as 25 years (psst, the owner).  We cross train and continue growth in new technologies.


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22 years of satisfied clients

Over two decades ago we started out with a passion to help the small business market in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.  Most of those clients are still with us today. A lot has changed over the years but our values and commitment have not


We consider our clients partners and our client retention demonstrates that. If you want an IT partner that not only keeps things running smoothly, but helps you protect and increase revenue, choose DataSolved.

All-Inclusive IT

for One Monthly Fee

Is This You?


⏲️ Struggling with IT Tasks or Downtime?

Our proactive IT management ensures your systems are always up and running, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.


🛡️Worried About Cybersecurity?

Protect your business with our advanced cybersecurity posture. We safeguard your data with 24/7 threat monitoring and response.


🆘Frustrated with Unresponsive Support?

Experience fast, friendly, and reliable IT support. Our team is here to help you solve problems quickly and efficiently.


💻Outdated Technology Holding You Back?

Upgrade to modern, scalable IT solutions that grow with your business. We provide seamless cloud integration and data migration.


Lack of IT Strategy?

Develop a robust IT strategy with our consulting services. We help you align technology with your business goals for maximum impact.


📊Unpredictable IT Costs?

Enjoy predictable IT costs with our fixed-fee services. No more surprises—just reliable, budget-friendly IT support.

‌Cloud Services

Microsoft Office 365

Server to Cloud

Offsite Backups

Collaboration Tools

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Business Continuity

According to Hartford Business, 1 in 5 businesses do not have a continuity plan.  Remote work makes this more important than ever.  You need access all the time. Period.  

Multi-Layered Security

Clients receive layered cyber-security to keep you protected.  Our managed process keeps you safe from the bad guys.

Proactive Monitoring

Want to avoid downtime?  We continually monitor and maintain your systems, automating tasks, and preempting problems.  Prevention is the best medicine.

Consulting Services

IT Strategy & Roadmaps

Budgeting & Procurement

Process Improvements

IT Posture Audits

IT Support & Managed Services

No more surprises hitting your budget.  Vigilant support and our exceptional staff keep things on track.  If you don’t feel great about our services then neither do we.