Who we are

Without caring there can be no quality

From the start 20 years ago, we saw the frustrating relationship small and mid-sized business had with technology. Delivering enterprise level IT support services for the small to mid-sized business is our passion. We know technology and we're passionate about it.  The importance of being hyper familiar with our clients is paramount to who we are.

We are big on easy!

Most people don't want some complex or undefined way to reach their IT support.  Our HelpDesk Support Button is one example of how we think...like your employee!    We are always evaluating and implement modern methods to minimize problems, and maximize growth, with secure agile access to your workflows. We transform IT from a problem to a key business driver.  DataSolved gives you what every business wants, peace of mind.

What we do

Keeping it simply smart is what works

Every day brings opportunity to increase your productivity by letting us help you streamline, simplify, and modernize your working environment, while increasing your data availability and protect your company’s most critical asset – your electronic information.

Ever feel like this?

Small to mid-sized companies are consistently neglected when it comes to IT support. Receiving sub-par services, business suffers, inviting unnecessary risk, inefficient work flows, cyber breaches,  even complete disaster with no recovery options in place. How many times has your company experienced frustrating down time because you had a poor IT resource to turn to? We understand the complexities of  IT.  We respond with fast friendly top tier talent to support you while increasing your ROI.