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Experience a world of IT solutions where surprises no longer disrupt your plans and your peace of mind is our priority. Picture an environment where concerns fade away because we stay ahead of your needs, delivering tailored solutions that seem custom-made for you. It's about that moment of clarity when you realize  we're more than a provider; we're a partner.

Consulting Services

Navigate the IT landscape with DataSolved's strategic guidance, from IT strategies and roadmaps to budgeting, procurement, process improvements, and posture audits. Together, we'll sculpt a future where your IT infrastructure not only supports but accelerates your business goals, turning aspirations into achievements.

Multi-Layered Security

Step into a fortress of security with DataSolved's multi-layered cyber-defense. In an era where threats loom large, our managed processes stand as a vital shield against the 'bad guys,' ensuring that your business remains a sanctuary of safety and serenity in the digital realm.

Proactive Monitoring

Sleep soundly knowing that DataSolved is the ever-watchful guardian of your systems. Our proactive monitoring is the embodiment of the adage 'prevention is the best medicine,' automating tasks and preempting problems to keep downtime at bay. Experience the tranquility that comes with unwavering reliability.

IT Support & Managed Services

Envision seamless days, free from IT stress, with DataSolved's vigilant care. Our proactive support ensures no surprises, just smooth digital journeys. If you're not delighted, neither are we. We're your steadfast ally in navigating the tech landscape.

Cloud Services

Elevate your business to the cloud with DataSolved's comprehensive suite of services, including Microsoft Office 365, server migrations, offsite backups, and collaboration tools. Embrace the freedom and flexibility of the cloud, where collaboration knows no bounds, and possibilities are as vast as the sky.

Business Continuity

In a world where the unexpected lurks around every corner, being prepared is not just wise—it's essential. With DataSolved, access is not just a convenience; it's necessary. We ensure that your business remains unshakable, even in the face of adversity, safeguarding your operations and ensuring that every day is business as usual, no matter what.

Frustrated? We get it.

Let's fix that together.