IT Managed Services

Data Protection

According to Hartford Business 1 in 5 businesses do not have a business continuity plan.  COVID-19 makes this more important than ever.  Let us provide a comprehensive model that allows your employees to work in multiple environments.

Data protection goes hand in hand with a continuity plan.  We provide multiple layers of secure data access and disaster recovery. Data needs to be backed up in multiple forms, have ubiquitous access points, and provide for ease of collaboration whether on site or in the cloud.

Human Support

The human element to IT is always a high priority at DataSolved.  Excellent people skills, awesome troubleshooting experience, and hyper familiarity with your systems is paramount to us.  If you don’t feel confident and comfortable with our support then we don’t either.  With the touch of a button (literally), we receive your request and quickly fix the problem even remotely accessing your system if we need to.  Furthermore, with included onsite support we will get you back up and running even when it requires a visit to your location.


Data security has gone from an after-thought to a critical part of business.  According to CSO $17,777 is lost every minute due to phishing attacks.  Data breaches cost small to medium businesses a whopping $149,000 on average according to AppRiver. Over half of small businesses suffered a data breach within the last year.  Sadly 60% of breaches could have been prevented by an available patch applied on time.  DataSolved implements cyber-security layers to keep your business safe and secure.  Our centrally managed cyber-security process provides enterprise level protection at a reasonable cost.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Your business needs nothing less than optimal up time. DataSolved uses technology specifically tailored to maximize the health of your systems and access to you LOB applications.  We employ services that encompass three critical components – remote capability, automation, and prevention.  Our software agents provide us multiple services for remediation, prevention and automation tasks avoiding downtime.  If problems arise, DataSolved is prepared to deal with the issue quickly and decisively many times without even disturbing your staff.